BD Building Solutions only ever work with the very best.  
We utilise the very highest quality building materials, with the most highly skilled and professional trades people, and promise to deliver a wholly client-focused service of the very highest calibre.  
Second rate is not a phrase in our vocabulary; second to none, however, is. 
Below are some of the superb strategic partners who we work with. 
We are happy to recommend them and they, in turn, are happy to endorse us. 
Carpenter Oak 
We love constructing oak frame buildings and, in our view, there are no finer oak wrights in all the land than Carpenter Oak, not just in their design and production of beautiful oak, but also in the customer journey they deliver. 
Lifespace Cabins 
Luxury sometimes comes in small packages. The brilliant team at Lifespace specialise in awesome bespoke solutions for the home office or the remote cabin alike. 
Adonia Architectural Designs 
We have worked with Tilly from Adonia for many years now in bringing her designs to fruition.  
Tilly has a great knowledge of practical construction and this really underpins her schemes, which are a genuine pleasure to build. 
Glosford Timber Solutions 
Structured Insulated Panels (SIPS) are the way of the future for the construction industry in the UK, and we are fully onboard.  
Our favoured SIPS partners are Glosfords from Hereford. They provide phenomenal service and a really great product. 
Daton Electrical Services 
There are lots of electricians in the world, but we have never found one that is quite so in alignment with us as Daton.  
They have a huge wealth of experience among the team and genuinely believe in taking a detailed approach... just like us. 
Robert Rigby Architects Ltd 
We love architects who are thorough in their work. The team at RR, from the company owner to the most junior of draughtsfolk, embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly.  
Many is the time we have gazed together in wonder at the mysteries of sewage systems, long before we even come close to opening a hole in the floor! 
Printwaste Recycling 
Being a zero-to-landfill company (...yes, even our site waste) is crucially important to us as a business.  
Printwaste are our chief partner in this mission, and provide a vast wealth of recycling and waste-to-energy schemes that enable us to offer this certification. 
Zara Kitchen Design 
Everybody should have an epic kitchen, and there are few better places to get one than through Rubina and Simon at Zara Kitchens.  
We never get tired of recommending (and then supplying and installing) their product range. 
S & L Dalton Brickwork Contractors 
Brickwork is a bit of a mystical art and we only use the very best bricklayers.  
Steve and his folk are so wizardly, their trowels may as well be wands! 
The Gardener's Machinery Hire 
In this day and age, there is little point in owning lots of plant equipment that mostly sits in a shed.  
The Gardener's Machinery Hire specialise in hiring out specialist equipment on a variety of scales. 
MPH Vehicle Solutions 
The acquisition of vehicles is a vastly time consuming and soul destroying process (especially if, like us, your knowledge of vehicles extends as far as counting the wheels).  
MPH take all the leg work out of it and, through their great service, leave us totally confident that we're making the right choices. 
Business Networking International 
We only work with the best, and business networking is no exception. BNI is the most successful referral marketing organisation of its type in the world. 
Working together, BNI members achieve incredible results, growing their business in ways they could never accomplish alone. 
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